Celestial pearl danio (Danio margaritatus)


The celestial pearl danio was only discovered in 2006. Since then, the appearance and size of the fish, which belong to the carp family, have made them a particularly popular choice for aquariums.

Danio margaritatus are native to South-East Asia, or to Myanmar and Thailand to be more precise. They can grow to 3 cm in length and live to be 3 years old. They have a dark blue body covered in yellow dots and their stomach is usually orange to reddish. This species also has orange and black striped fins. The females are slightly paler in colour and can also be clearly distinguished from the males by their transparent anal fin. 

Aquarium and water

To create an appropriate habitat, celestial pearl danios should be kept in an aquarium with a minimum volume of 54 litres. Due to their small size, however, these danios are classed as nano fish and can therefore also be kept in a nano aquarium. The fish are happiest at an aquarium temperature of 20°C to 25°C. Ideally, the water should be slightly acidic to slightly alkaline (pH value: approx. 6.0 – 8.0) and medium-hard (GH value: approx. 5 – 20°dH) although Danio margaritatus can also be kept in slightly softer or harder water.

Keeping conditions

Celestial pearl danios are shoaling fish and should therefore be kept in a larger group with multiple conspecifics. As peaceful fish, they can easily be kept in community aquariums with other species. Due to their small size though, they tend to be unhappy if sharing an aquarium with far larger fish. They therefore mix particularly well with other active swimmers such as cardinal fish as well as other small barbs or danios like cherry barbs. Celestial pearl danios tend to favour the middle region of the tank.

Planting and decoration

Celestial pearl danios have special requirements with regard to the plants and decorative items in an aquarium. We recommend planting abundant vegetation around the edges as Danio margaritatus are extremely lively and need plenty of room to swim around in the rest of the aquarium. They prefer aquariums to be stocked with finely feathered and floating plants. The latter are particularly recommended as the fish are not keen on bright lighting. You can decorate the rest of the aquarium with bogwood roots or other types of aquarium wood. This creates a harmonious underwater landscape that makes this fish species feel at home.


Danio margaritatus are omnivores and can eat normal flake food, such as TetraMin. Small food products like Tetra Micro Granules are also ideal for the little fish. To add variety, you can also give them natural foods such as Tetra Delica Daphnie. Celestial pearl danios mainly feed in the middle section of the aquarium.