Checklist for healthy aquarium water

To keep the guppies, catfish, shrimp and co. in your aquarium happy, the water must be clean, clear and healthy. Correct biological filtration is naturally a decisive process in this regard. However, several other factors also play a major role in maintaining well-balanced water quality parameters:

  • Use an optimally functioning form of filtration tailored to your aquarium and its fish in order to maintain healthy water quality parameters and clear water. Sufficient ventilation maintains the right oxygen level in the water – an important basic requirement for biological filtration and healthy fish and plants.
  • Use liquid or strip tests with the aid of our Tetra Aquatics App to check the water quality parameters once a week. After all, clear water is not necessarily healthy water. Only analyses can quickly detect problematic developments and enable you to take appropriate action.
  • Conduct regular partial water changes and use the right water conditioners: special water treatment products such as Tetra AquaSafe make tap water suitable for fish. Products such as Tetra SafeStart and Tetra FilterActive contain live, nitrifying bacteria that speed up the breakdown of ammonia and nitrite and promote biological filtration.
  • Premium staple food products such as TetraMin and Tetra Crisps not only provide the fish with all the essential nutrients they need but are also optimally digestible. As such, they have little impact on the aquarium water and make it easier for you to look after your biotope.
  • Carefully select the plants for your aquarium: plants produce essential oxygen throughout the day and break down polluting nitrogen compounds. They can also be an effective way of preventing algae growth and offer many fish a natural habitat with hiding places and spawning sites.

If you follow these basic rules, your aquarium inhabitants should be extremely happy in their biotope – and you can fully enjoy your underwater world with very little effort!