How to setup an aquarium

These fish are suitable for your aquarium

For beginners, we recommend to either use the heated aquarium for tropical ornamental fish or the unheated goldfish aquarium. Ask your local pet store which fish are compatible with each other so your new community can harmoniously coexist. Our suggestion: In order to enjoy the exciting life in your aquarium water to a maximum, all water layers should be inhabited. Your local pet shop owner knows plenty about which fish swim on the water surface, which fish make use of the entire basin, and whether it is advisable to keep some dwarf shrimp for movement at the bottom of your aquarium. Also ask for the right aquarium technology: while goldfish live in cold water, Guppies and similar types of fish need warmer temperatures and thus an aquarium heater.

Which aquarium is right for me?

In order to enjoy your new aquarium for a long time, you should be sure about the appropriate size, furnishing and the right position. The size of the aquarium determines the type and number of fish that can live in it and also affects the amount of time that you should plan for the care of the aquarium. For a perfect starter aquarium you will find the Tetra AquaArt Complete Sets in sizes 30 & 60 Liters. Our sets are already equipped with the proper filter media and a heater (60L only) so that you have everything that you need and get started right away. Your aquarium is ideally placed in such a way that it is easily accessible, in a quiet place away from radiators, cold air or direct sunlight. Put it on a flat surface that can carry the weight of the water, e.g. on top of an aquarium cabinet.

Discover our Starter Line LED Aquarium

Getting started in aquatics is easy with the Tetra Starter Line LED Aquarium. This aquarium makes the ideal starter set as it is simple to use and includes reliable equipment. The stable 54-litre aquarium is supplied with 6-watt LED lighting, an easy-clean filter, a reliable heater and premium feed and care products.

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Make an attractive habitat

Plants, roots and other decoration make your aquarium into a beautiful eye-catcher and at the same time fulfill vital functions in your habitat. Aquatic plants produce oxygen and provide your aquarium fish with hiding places. The correct substrate provides the plant’s roots with grip. Decoration elements, such as tree roots, rocks, or even posters for the aquarium background provide visual variety and always bring a new look in your underwater world.

The right fish food, that your fish loves

With Tetra you find the right food for all aquarium inhabitants. Whether goldfish or Guppies, catfish or dwarf shrimp: with Tetra you feed your fish and shrimp with all vital nutrients and strengthen their immune system thanks to the patented BioActive formula. You also keep the aquarium water clean & clear. Whether it be a classic flake food, nutritious crisp or tasty food tablet, we have the perfect product for each one of your aquarium inhabitants.

Your fish will love our foods

Easy Water Care

Water is life! With proper water care you will enjoy a biologically healthy aquarium that you can maintain with simple measures.

Our tips:

  • Use SafeStart when setting up a new aquarium or FilterActive when cleaning the filter. It contains live bacteria that create a biological environment in which your fish can live safe and healthy.
  • Treat your tap water with Tetra AquaSafe to take out Chlorine and Chloramine and create natural aquarium water. Thanks to vitamins, natural biopolymers and trace elements, your fish will thrive in their healthy water!
  • Keep your aquarium water biologically healthy and add Tetra Easy Balance just once a week for ideal long-term maintenance.
  • Check the water quality once a week with the Tetra Test 6in1 test strips.

This is the simple aquarium water care with Tetra