Tetra Care System – product tips via an online tool

The water in your aquarium is cloudy but you have no idea which product will really counter the problem? This will be a thing of the past thanks to Tetra’s new online tool.

From now on, current or future aquarists can find out about the best aquarium care products for their everyday needs at the click of a button. It’s really easy, clear and above all: always at hand online via mobile phone. 

Good advice on all aquarium matters

The new online tool is particularly suitable for fishkeeping novices or aquarium owners who don’t pursue their fishkeeping hobby intensively on a daily basis. The Care System gives aquarists a helping hand precisely when they need advice and assistance, i.e. when setting up a new aquarium, for day-to-day care and minor emergencies.

These situations raise questions such as: I’d like to set up an aquarium and add some plants. Which product will boost root formation? What can I do to ensure that my water values remain stable in the long term? My fancy aquatic plant has withered. Which product will bring it back to life? 

Appropriate product solutions and helpful background knowledge

The Tetra Care System has the answers to these questions. It recommends compact product solutions for every occasion and situation. And the cherry on the cake: in addition to the product recommendations, the Care System also provides aquarists with handy hints & tips as well as useful background knowledge on caring for an aquarium.

The Tetra Care System in a nutshell:

The new Tetra Care System makes it easier to find the right care products for your aquarium. You can find the new Tetra Care System on Tetra’s website:

Care System