Endler guppies (Poecilia wingei)

Endler guppies (Poecilia wingei) have a tail fin that looks rather like a double sword due to its colour markings, but in actual fact it is round. The striking markings on their caudal fin makes their round tail look like a double sword, which is why they are sometimes called “pseudo swordtails”.

Endler guppies are native to Venezuela. They can mainly be found in freshwater lagoons in the north-east of this South American country and one of their main discovery sites is the Laguna de Campoma. Poecilia wingei have a life expectancy of around 4 years and typically grow to a length of 3 to 5 centimetres. Endler guppies are popular aquarium fish due to their green, silver and orange-coloured markings. They are also characterised by a black patch on their sides. However, other breeds with different colourings and fins are also commonly found in aquariums. The colouring and colour vibrancy tend to be more prominent in the males than the females.

Aquarium and water

The aquarium should have a volume of at least 54 litres. This corresponds to the Tetra Starter Line LED aquarium with the following dimensions: 60 x 30 x 30 cm. We recommend tropical temperatures of 23 to 26°C. Ideally, the aquarium water should be slightly acidic to slightly alkaline (pH value: approx. 6.5-8.5) and medium-hard (GH value: approx. 8-15°dH), but Endler guppies can also be kept in slightly softer or harder water.

Keeping conditions

Poecilia wingei are schooling fish and should therefore be kept with other conspecifics. To avoid excessive competition between the males, the shoal should be made up of more females than males. As Endler guppies are peaceful fish, they are ideal for community aquariums. The only fish that they shouldn’t be kept with are very quiet species which could feel stressed out by the active swimming behaviour of Poecilia wingei. Endler guppies tend to prefer the middle to upper regions of the aquarium.

As they are live-bearing toothcarps, Ender guppy females carry eggs in their womb until the fry hatch. This mode of reproduction is known as ovoviviparity.

Planting and decoration

The tank should be set up in a way that meets the Endler guppies’ needs. Poecilia wingei require a brightly lit aquarium. In addition to the lighting, plants are an essential part of creating an appropriate habitat for Endler guppies. Lush plants around the edges of the tank offer retreats where females and young fish can hide and rest.


Poecilia wingei are omnivores, however, given their small size you should make sure that the food is not too big. The most appropriate foods for this species are Tetra Guppy and Tetra Micro Crisps. For extra diversity, you can also feed Endler guppies natural foods such as Tetra Delica Brine Shrimps.