Fish treats

Little snacks between meals are very popular with humans and animals alike, and fish are no exception. Treats for aquarium inhabitants to snack on add variety to their daily menu and broaden their diet. Aquarists can also benefit from spoiling their creatures with treats every now and then.

Tempting treats

Fish snacks come in a wide variety of shapes, flavours and colours – from natural foods to adhesive tablets and even gel foods. Despite all of these differences, they have one thing in common: they add variety and make feeding even more fun.

Face to face with fish

Fish, crustaceans and other aquatic creatures are not the only ones who benefit from the snacks: by feeding their creatures treats such as adhesive tablets, aquarium owners also get the chance to see them from a different perspective. Watching the creatures so close to the glass is great fun, especially for children. What’s more, the fish chasing after their snacks can make extraordinary subjects for aquarists who enjoy taking photos of their finned friends. Special snacks sometimes even help to lure more timid creatures in front of the lens. By sticking a treat onto the aquarium glass to examine the fish more closely, you are more likely to be able to spot a sick fish at an earlier stage.

Healthy treats for fish

The same principle applies to treats as to any other food for aquarium creatures: it is important to avoid causing any problems or spreading any illnesses through feeding. When using frozen foods, for example, the cold chain must always be maintained, otherwise the food will spoil. Natural foods (e.g. live food that you have caught yourself or natural food that has not been adequately checked) may be contaminated with pathogens that are harmful to the creatures in your aquarium. If these pathogens end up in your aquarium, you may introduce a fish disease as a result. It goes without saying that natural, certified-quality foods should always be free from pesticides and heavy metals. All in all, it is crucial for your fish treats to be of impeccable quality, as this helps to keep all of the creatures in your aquarium healthy.

Tetra treats – certified quality and processes

Our treat product tips: ideal treats for your fish include the meticulously tested and checked Tetra adhesive food tablets, the Tetra FunTips Tablets, Delica natural food and Tetra FreshDelica germ-free gel food.