Holiday food for fish

Summer time is holiday time – and a time that often presents logistical problems for pet owners: what should families do with their pets while on holiday? Whereas dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters can often be left with friends, booked in at kennels or even taken along on the holiday, things are somewhat different for an aquarium. This usually stays at home. Read on to discover how aquarium owners can ensure their fish and plants continue to thrive while they are away. If you do not have anyone to look after your pets during your holiday, you must essentially choose between holiday food and an automatic feeder.

Holiday food – always acclimatise your fish

Holiday foods are special feed varieties comprising gel-based food blocks which are added to tanks. These reasonably large blocks last several days or weeks ensuring that fish have a constant food supply. A word of caution though: fussy fish may not take to this food immediately. You should therefore ideally acclimatise your pets to it before going away.

Automatic feeder – reliable technology is essential

Automatic feeders supply a set amount of food at pre-programmed intervals. They therefore offer the benefit that your fish can be regularly and reliably fed with the food that they are used to. It is important for the feeder to reliably protect the food against light, the air and moisture as it will otherwise spoil. Also, always remember that automatic feeders are technical devices; check that they are working properly before you go away.