The holiday checklist for your aquarium

Holiday preparation for the aquarium

Unlike our furry four-legged friends, fish can occasionally be left for extended periods without human care. But if you are planning a longer absence, some precautions should be taken. Read our checklist to find out what you can do before going away to ensure your fish and plants are well cared for during your holiday, allowing you to enjoy a much more relaxing break.

1. Change the water and check the water parameters

A few days before leaving, perform a partial water change and remove any mulm from the substrate. However, you don’t need to give your aquarium a full clean before your holiday. Re-check water parameters the day before you go to ensure everything is in order.

2. Tetra AquaSafe and Tetra EasyBalance

Reliable water care is essential for the health of your fish. Tetra AquaSafe protects against harmful substances in tap water and adds important vitamins and compounds. Tetra EasyBalance reduces the amount of water changes through a unique combination of active ingredients which balances water for several months.

3. Check the filter

Clean the filter material professionally and carefully using aquarium water that has previously been removed by suction. This is the only way of ensuring that vital filter bacteria are not harmed. Clean the filter a few days before you go away. This will give you sufficient time for repairs if anything stops working or suddenly fails after cleaning. It will also prevent stress just before your holiday and spare your fish sitter, if you have one, any major problems. Please remember to keep your aquarium equipment switched on, even if you switch off most other devices in your home before you leave.

4. Check the lighting and temperature 

Always check the timer, the heater and the cooler if you have one, before you go on holiday.

5. Feed the fish – if necessary! 

It is true that many fish species can survive for extended periods without any additional food. However, this is only the case if they are perfectly fit and healthy. If you ask a fish sitter to feed your pets, divide the food into portions by placing individual amounts into small pots labelled with the feeding dates. It’s important to explain how dangerous it is to overfeed the fish and how this can very quickly impair water quality.

6. Use Tetra Weekend, Tetra Holiday, Tetra myFeeder

Even without fish-sitters, longer absences are no problem. For shorter trips, Tetra Weekend is particularly suitable. The compact feedsticks provide an optimal supply of minerals and proteins for up to six days. For longer holidays, the Tetra Holiday block supplies your fish with vital vitamins, trace elements, minerals and delicious Daphnia for up to 14 days. Prefer not to go without ensuring an individual feeding? Then use Tetra myFeeder, an automatic feeder that reliably provides your fish with constant portions.

7. Trim back plants

Trim plants a little to remove dead plant matter before going on holiday but stop short of total ‘deforestation’. This will ensure the plants are able to perform their vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the aquarium.

8. Jot down addresses and emergency data

If you’re lucky enough to have someone looking after your aquarium during your holiday, they should always have an emergency address to hand. Note down the telephone number of your trusted pet retailer and key data about your aquarium including size, equipment, fish stock and date of last clean. Leave beside the aquarium.