Stable water parameters

Stable water parameters for healthy fish and plants

Good water quality in the aquarium is vital. All living beings that reside in this ecosystem (from lively dwarf shrimps to majestic angelfish) depend on optimum water parameters. However, the basic rule of thumb is that the water in two aquariums is never the same and water parameters that are ideal for one species of fish are not as popular with others. What all aquariums have in common though is that stable water parameters are essential for healthy fish and plants.

All aquarium water is unique

Over time, an individual little ecosystem is created in all aquariums. This works through a close interplay of organic and chemical/physical factors. The latter include the water, the substances this contains and the temperature, for example. The organic factors, on the other hand, include all living beings such as plants, animals and microorganisms that live in the aquarium, as well as elements that are introduced into the aquarium, such as food or substrates.

Stable water parameters, healthy fish

Whether a 54-litre aquarium with shrimps or a 200-litre aquarium with cichlids, characins, catfish or goldfish, the fact is that healthy aquarium life depends on a sensitive balance of many different influences and factors. And this balance is always unique in every aquarium – depending on the size, water quality, stocking density or plants.

Despite this, there is one thing that all aquarium ecosystems have in common: if the interplay of all factors works, the fish are healthy, the plants flourish and the aquarium looks great and is fun!

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