The perfect beginners’ aquarium

A complete set is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their first intrepid steps into the world of fishkeeping and buy their first aquarium. In addition to a sturdy glass aquarium, sets usually also include a robust lid with integrated LED lighting and a feeding hatch. Often, they will also contain a filter and a heater too. From a technical perspective, the aquarium is easy to set up and instantly ready for use. But you should never forget about quality when buying an aquarium.

People buying their first aquarium should also think about quality

In an expert interview, our colleague Thomas Brauers from the Tetra Product Development department explains why opting for the highest quality offers decisive benefits even in relation to aquariums:

1.Mr Brauers, it is important to have a sturdy glass tank and useful to have a robust base cabinet. But what is so important about a premium quality aquarium lid?

“Imagine if we were to create a stylish glass aquarium and then cover it with a thin, wobbly plastic lid – it would look awful and our customers simply wouldn’t accept it. It’s very clear to us that a quality aquarium also needs the highest quality lid. And this naturally also applies to starter models. Another clearly important factor is that the lid is easy to open and close. For this to be possible, the material needs to be of a certain strength and quality. Furthermore, our lids are edged with a gutter that prevents water from trickling down the back of the aquarium, protecting the base cabinet and floor. In other words: not all lids are the same!”

2.If we look at the light that is integrated into the lid, what are the benefits of an LED light compared to other types?

“The electricity costs are lower but that’s just one of many benefits. For example, the LED bulb has a service life of 50,000 hours. Based on 12 hours of use a day that means that it will last for more than 11 years! When using conventional T5/T8 bulbs, on the other hand, we recommend that these are replaced annually as they lose luminosity – something which the LED bulb doesn’t. This means that there’s no need to replace it – practical hey? Of course, our LED light is just as suitable for fish and plants as the conventional lighting types.”

3.Moving on from the lighting to the filter… Why is a powerful filter so essential?

“The filter is the heart of an aquarium. A faulty filter can quickly result in the death of aquatic creatures. It’s important that the filter conducts both coarse and fine mechanical filtration and removes floating particles from the water. Biological filtration generally involves the use of a filter sponge and balls on which bacteria settle. These then break down metabolic products, for example. Finally, discoloured water and unpleasant odours can be combated by chemical cleaning using active carbon. However, this is not provided in the set. What I’m essentially trying to say is that a filter has a lot of work to do and must constantly clean the aquarium water and keep it moving. With that in mind, I believe that our Tetra EasyCrystal filter system is an extremely practical and simple solution.”

4.An effective and discrete heater is a must for most of us – does the same apply to aquarium heaters?

“It goes without saying that tropical fish need a warm environment. As a result, the Starter Line Aquarium, for example, comes with a heater that is preset to 25°C. However, your fish really don’t care whether the heater is pink, blue striped or hidden from view in the aquarium. Despite this, we’ve still created a way of ‘hiding’ the heater – in the filter housing. This kills two birds with one stone: the heater is both hidden from view and used in the place where the water is circulated. This distributes the warm water around the aquarium far more evenly. An extremely practical benefit!”

5.If you can ‘hide’ the heater in the filter, is it also beneficial for all the technical components to come from the same brand?

“Of course! Not only are Tetra’s electrical products all TÜV and CE certified and therefore completely safe, but many of them are also specially aligned with one another. For example, the Tetra heater fits like a glove into the Tetra filter housing – completely hiding it from view. Furthermore, all the spare parts come from a single source so you don’t have to waste time looking for retailers. Last but not least, customers can rest assured that all of the products meet the highest of quality standards and have been created by genuine aquatic experts.”